Precision Machining

Exceptional service starts with a passion for what you do and the ability to offer the customer a wide range of capabilities. We offer the most diverse compliment of precision CNC machining capability under one roof in North America.

Our know-how in Precision Machining is unmatched with expertise in complex components for rail, marine, trailer and the aerospace industry.

Most materials including aluminum profiles and panels.

Our unique 5 axis CNC machines offer a solution for all shapes and sizes:

  • Large-scale 5-Axe CNC machining center – can machine parts up to 41 m long (134.5 ft) and 4.1 m wide (13.5 ft)
  • Mid-scale 5-Axes CNC machining center – can machine parts up to 4 m long ( 13 ft) and 3.8 m wide ( 12 ft)
  • Panel/Profile CNC machining center – can machine parts up to 6.6 m long (21 ft) and .72 m wide (2.4 ft)

Reference the CNC equipment pages below for detailed specifications.